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Fixed Cellular Terminals (FCT)

Our products are designed to be used in a very wide range of applications and environments, providing a reliable solution to the need to bridge mobile and landline phone communications. We have incorporated a number of specialised technologies to support this diversity.

'Follow Me' Call Forwarding

Burnside's FCTs offer a unique 'Follow Me' feature for those users who are out of the office or on the move. With this feature enabled, calls received by the Burnside FCT are forwarded automatically to a pre-programmed mobile number. The key benefit of this feature is that calls are forwarded at no additional call cost. Click here to read a case study review of Burnside Follow Me™.

Call forwarding

Least Cost Call Routing

This provides a programmable 'exceptions' table, capable of routing calls both to landline and mobile networks at the lowest possible cost. Least Cost Routing allows the automatic management of calls, to take advantage of the lower costs of mobile-to-mobile and landline-to-landline calls.

Least Cost Call Routing

Automatic Fallback

This feature is generally used in telecare and telehealth applications, with personal monitoring equipment. When potentially life-threatening events occur, automated alarms can be raised by this equipment with an emergency centre. Normally, landline communications are used for this service, and the Burnside T940L FCT in normal mode can connect telecare alarm equipment to the centre by landline. However, in the event of a landline failure, the T940L will provide an immediate connection to the centre over the GSM mobile network.


Fixed Cellular Phones

Burnside Fixed Cellular Phones combine the features of an ordinary landline telephone with the flexibility of a mobile phone. In merging the two technologies in one device, Burnside has added special features to get the best from both in our P200 and P300 Series of GSM phones.

Call Timer Alert

This timer is integrated with all Burnside GSM Phones, warning the user when monthly inclusive call minutes are about to expire. This prevents you from starting to use the much more expensive call costs beyond your inclusive allowance.

Easy Call Transfer™

Incoming calls on a landline can be directed to one of nine different programmed remote mobile phone numbers. This feature is helpful in managing calls to remote workers.

Automatic Hands-free

Hands-free operation is an important feature for disadvantaged users. It enables calls to be answered without having to lift or use the handset. Uniquely, the unit's Auto Hands-free option can be used for any of five programmed speed-dial numbers: if you receive a call from one of these numbers, the telephone answers automatically and you can hear the caller and talk immediately, without having to touch the telephone or be near it.

Microsoft® TAPI Support

This Telephony Application Programming Interface provides a link between telephony devices and computer software applications. This allows, for example, calls to be initiated from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system just by clicking on a customer's number on the PC screen. Burnside GSM Phones support this interface for use with many CRM systems, and can be coupled with the use of a headset to provide a convenient call centre workstation.