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Burnside Fixed Cellular Terminals

Using your telephone system or computer to make voice calls and send SMS text messages over the GSM wireless network.

Burnside Fixed Cellular Terminal

If you need to operate in a location where there are no landlines or installing a landline is too expensive or not feasible, a Burnside fixed cellular terminal could solve your communications problem. Typical applications are boats, lifts, temporary offices, exhibitions, open air events, outside broadcasting, telecare networks, social alarms or in any remote location.

Burnside's terminals offer a unique 'Follow Me' service to those users who are out of the office or on the move, such as taxis, plumbers, service engineers and sales people. Their business demands that they are listed only on landline phone numbers but want their calls diverted to their mobile phone at minimal cost. Click here to learn more about Burnside Follow Me™.




Burnside Fixed Cellular Phone

Burnside Fixed Cellular Phones

Using an all-in-one device that combines the simplicity and ease of use of a desktop telephone with the use-it-anywhere flexibility of a mobile phone.

A Burnside Easy Answer™ GSM Phone is perfect for use by the elderly, infirm or disabled. With its automatic hands-free answering facility, 'always on, use anywhere' power management and simple installation without needing a landline, the Burnside Easy Answer™ is an ideal solution in the home or in care.

In enterprise environments, Burnside's GSM Desk Phones offer features to automate and manage typical call centre and office phone use, integrating landline services with a network of mobile phones. Landline network operators also use them as emergency replacements for landlines that have gone down.

All versions of Burnside's telephone are equipped with wireless modems so they can also be used for internet, e-mail, PC fax communications and local firmware upgrades. Wall-mounted and weatherproof, vandal resistant versions are available in Burnside's Tough Phone series.