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Landline Telephone or GSM Mobile - or Both...?


Business and Enterprise

Office communications are a necessary part of every business, but some types of business present particular challenges in managing communications - for example, workers who travel or work remotely, time and attendance workers, call centres. These people use mobile phones extensively, and consequently their companies make a large number of calls from landline office phones to mobiles. This is costly, when calling from mobile to mobile can be less than half the cost of making the same calls from landline to mobile. Similarly, those companies that use SMS messaging services need to implement expensive solutions using landline-based equipment. Burnside's fixed cellular terminals provide a convenient solution to these problems.

The Elderly, Infirm and Disabled

Whether in care homes, hospitals or in the community, anyone with special needs presents some difficulty in using telephones. These people cannot readily make or answer calls, due to lack of mobility or dexterity (in the case of small mobile phones). When they require assistance, it is necessary for them to make contact with their carers quickly: for them, voice-activated and automated call handling facilities are essential. Many telecare systems already exist to reduce these problems, but Burnside has addressed them specifically with unique solutions that are convenient, easy to use and affordable.

These are some of the challenges that have driven Burnside's product development. Burnside fixed cellular terminals and desktop mobile phones now offer cost-efficient solutions that are easy to install and use, and provide many unique features.

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Industrial Environments

In many industrial situations, it is necessary to install landlines (where it is possible) just for short periods or in temporary accommodation. In others, telephone networks are used in the monitoring of operations and processes, often linked to automated alarm and notification systems. Installing landline telephones can be problematic and very expensive in many of these locations, due to remoteness or inaccessibility - for example, in lifts and temporary structures, or at sporting events, disaster recovery and crime scenes. Hand-held mobiles do not usually suit these cases, since the telephone system needs to be shared or attached to a computer network.

Small Businesses

Small and 'one-man' businesses make up a large proportion of the commercial profile of most countries. It is typical of these businesses that their people are frequently on the move, working alone and do not have sophisticated systems for managing their affairs. The challenge for them is to be able to use the convenience of mobile phones, but combining facilities such as hands-free answering and convenient messaging with the ability to advertise one public number, Burnside offers more flexibility.