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Tesco uses Burnside in its new integrated voice network

Tesco wanted to provide staff with a single handset that would work across all its sites. Mark Goddard, business systems portfolio manager for Tesco's Next Generation Network Programme, said, "We use GSM devices which connect to the RAN network via picocells, that then transmit over the C&W Worldwide next-generation network." The handsets connect automatically to the private network when in range. Outside stores, the handset automatically roams onto a mobile network, which C&W Worldwide has partnered with for normal mobile phone coverage.

Tesco plans to complete the rollout of the mobile voice infrastructure to more than 2,000 stores across the UK - so far, 1,000 have been connected. RAN is installed in the shops, along with Nokia GSM handsets and Burnside P355 GSM desk phones, which also connect to the data network via the picocells providing the FMC service.

Staff who move around the store, such as supervisors and managers, are given mobile handsets, while desk-based staff use a Burnside phone. Goddard said, "Previously people used to share phones, now every user has their own phone."

A unique extension number is assigned to the job roles of each user, making it easy to transfer calls to a supervisor or manager. Goddard said "People can log in or out of different job roles to reflect their current duties. They can also log into more than one role, so as to provide cover when a store manager is on holiday."

"We are in a good position where we have the right number of phones in the shops that will help our staff serve our customers better", he added.

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Burnside in customer service at Tesco

Tesco Customer Service using Burnside

Burnside in the optician's

Burnside in the optician's


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