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Specialist Advice for Follow Me Users

Certain types of small business rely almost exclusively on the ability to have calls to their central landline number diverted automatically to mobiles. For example, taxi firms, service franchises, garages, delivery services are typical businesses where the operators are rarely in the office but cannot afford to miss calls. They work more efficiently if they are able to receive calls while on the move, to minimise delays in moving from one job to another and to stay in touch with customers.

However, it is well known that diverting calls from a landline number to mobiles can be costly. Depending on the type of number (0845 or geographic, for example) and landline tariff, diverted calls can cost between 12p and 30p per minute, on top of a monthly service subscription charge. What is not so well known is that there is a money-saving answer, using a Burnside fixed cellular terminal, combined with the right mobile network tariff.

These tariffs can be confusing, but now there is help at hand: Business Telecoms is a new company dedicated to helping small businesses get the most out of landline and mobile communications, by offering advice and providing bespoke solutions.

We spoke to Simon Clark of Business Telecoms, to find out how his company can help. First, he has selected the Burnside T941 fixed cellular terminal with its Follow Me™ function as the product of choice for his customers, because it offers several special features not found on other similar devices. The T941 can be used on a single analogue line to manage calls, and simply needs a standard mobile SIM to be operational, with no waiting and no engineering.

  • The T941 is very easy to set up and operate, using its clear display and simple menus.
  • Using Burnside Follow Me™, landline calls are forwarded to a pre-selected mobile number with no delay and at no extra cost.
  • The target mobile number can be changed at any time by sending an SMS message to the T941. This is especially useful for shift working, or if a mobile is on low battery and another one needs to be used.
  • If any forwarded calls are missed, the numbers can be retrieved by sending an SMS message to the T941. (This feature requires the landline to have Caller Display enabled.)

Choosing the right tariff to use with Burnside's Follow Me™ depends on the type of business, how many people with mobiles are included in the contract and the level of mobile phone use (typical number of calls and SMS messages). The selection of an appropriate tariff is straightforward with the help and advice given by Business Telecoms: Simon's company specialises in understanding the many networks and tariffs available, saving a lot of hard work.

The end result is a solution that is the most efficient for the business, while offering significant savings on mobile communications. The savings made on a chosen contract can, in some cases, also pay for the Burnside Follow Me™ unit. It goes without saying that Simon uses Burnside Follow Me™ in his own company to gain these advantages.

Business Telecoms can be contacted at 020 8099 1921, or by e-mail to simonclark@businesstelecoms.com.

More details about how Burnside Follow Me™ works can be found in Case Study #4.