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Burnside T940 Series Fixed Cellular Terminals


Burnside T941 Fixed Cellular Terminal

Burnside T941 Fixed Cellular Terminal


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These FCTs feature a clear transflective display for viewing in all lighting conditions. More important, the availability of a display makes the FCT extremely easy to configure, and provides easily legible status and messaging indicators.


  • Quad-band GSM, for worldwide phone, SMS and Internet
  • Easy and quick to install, with lower call costs than landlines
  • Clear visual display for easy set up and use without a manual
  • External antenna works in areas where GSM signal is poor
  • Works with standard and PBX telephone systems
  • Call minute timer with auto switch-off option
  • Dial-through feature to connect mobile to landlines
  • SMS edit, send and receive using USB-connected PC
  • Automatic Fallback for alarms, monitoring systems (T941)
  • 'Follow Me'™ call forwarding (T941 - More info...)
  • Wall mounting option for safety & security
  • Mains powered AC adaptor with internal battery backup
  • Lead-free RoHS compliant
  • Designed, manufactured and supported in the UK