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Burnside Easy Answer™ GSM Desk Phone

Burnside's Easy Answer™ technology allows a caller to talk to anyone within earshot, without the called person having to touch the phone. This is especially helpful for those who are unable to come to the phone to answer it. The phone can automatically switch on this hands-free mode when it receives calls from numbers already programmed into its memory.

Anyone can install the Easy Answer GSM Desk Phone and use it without having to read a manual. The large keys are easy to see and select without making a mistake. Just dial a number and pick up the handset to connect, or use one of the memory keys to call directly a favourite number.

Burnside Easy Answer™ Phone Features

  • Easy and quick to install, offering lower call costs than landlines
  • Quad-band GSM for worldwide network connection
  • Easier to use than a handheld mobile phone
  • Clear visual display and simple menus
  • Hands-free operation with built-in loud speaker
  • Automatic hands-free answering from VIP callers
  • Excellent voice quality with Burnside Crystal™ technology
  • Works in any location, even where GSM signal is poor
  • Power supply and integral battery provide constant availability
  • External antenna to minimise radiation risk

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