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Burnside Products: GSM Desk Phones and Wireless Terminals

Burnside GSM Desk Phones

A Burnside GSM Desk Phone provides an all-in-one device, combining the simplicity and ease of use of a desktop telephone and the use-it-anywhere flexibility of a mobile phone. It makes an ideal 'office mobile phone' for those on sharer tariffs, since it can be shared by anyone and its not easily mislaid. The Burnside GSM Desk Phone is also ideal for use by the elderly, infirm or disabled. Landline network operators are using them as emergency replacements for landlines that have gone down.

All versions of Burnside's GSM phones are equipped with wireless modems, so they can also be used for Internet/e-mail/fax communications and local firmware upgrades, when connected to the USB port of a computer. Wall-mounted and vandal-resistant versions are also available.

Burnside Fixed Cellular Terminals

A fixed cellular terminal from Burnside lets you use your telephone, telephone system or your computer to make voice calls and send SMS text messages over the GSM wireless network. All models contain a wireless modem that provides data access to the Internet via a USB port that can be connected to a computer.

If you are in a location where there are no landlines, or installing a landline is too expensive or not feasible, a fixed cellular terminal could solve your communications problem. Typical applications are boats, lifts, temporary offices, exhibitions, open air events, outside broadcasting, telecare networks, social and industrial alarms or in any remote location.