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Testimonials - Burnside Desktop MobileT Phones

David J. Miles, Announcer, Newsreader BBC Radio 4

"My mother is 95, disabled with poor eyesight and hopeless with technology. She has been moved to a room in a rehabilitation ward in a hospital where she is left on her own for much of the day. There is one phone to take incoming calls for the whole ward and a 'wheel around' pay phone for outgoing calls. She is desperately lonely and in need of contact with the outside world. The one thing that changed her isolation, and in many ways has become a lifesaver, is a remarkable device - the Burnside P235 desktop cellular phone.

From her room she can make calls in the same way that she can at home - she can take the phone wherever she goes with no wires attached, and I can call her and speak to her without her even having to lift the handset. She needs to press just one button to contact me, or any one of five chosen people in an emergency, and finds that she can call others with the minimum of effort. The 'phone has provided easy communication and contact without bothering the nurses on duty. A perfect choice, and as I said a veritable lifesaver."

Ian Mayers

"I have just purchased your Burnside P235 Desktop Mobile Phone for my elderly mother who has been recently moved into a residential care home. I would like to congratulate all concerned in the care and thought taken in designing this phone. It is simple to use and program, with the added function of being able to pre-program an emergency number that will automatically dial when the handset is lifted. This function not only gives my mother peace of mind but also her son and daughter. Congratulations on an outstanding product."

Gordon Brown, CEO, Teleadapt Group

"The device does exactly what it says on the tin. It was easy to install, and was up and running very quickly. Straight away, I could see that the Desktop Mobile was going to cut our monthly phone bill, especially since we regularly make a lot of calls to mobile phones."

Call Centre Operator

"I've recently taken one of your Burnside Desktop Mobiles for a loan period of 14 days, and I have to say we are very impressed by the unit. We are currently using Ericsson 250 Premicells which have fair to good reception, but yours is much better."

BBC News Online magazine

The BBC asked veteran inventor Professor Heinz Wolff to select a few of the best inventions at the British Invention Show in London. Professor Wolff chose the Burnside Desktop Mobile as one of his selections. "This is quite a good idea. I can't think of a product like this," says Prof. Wolff. "Many people these days don't have fixed phone lines and I'm interested in phones for elderly people - there may be something in this."

South American Mobile Network Operator

"They look very good! Congratulations! We made a voice call, and the quality is very good."

Janet and Pete Saunders, Spain

"I have now exchanged my Ericsson at my local dealer for a Burnside Desktop Mobile. It is excellent. Installation was simple, and the manual is easy to follow. Telephone and GPRS internet connection are excellent."

Orange - UK Mobile Network Operator

"The unit works without problems and looks great!"

Testimonials - Burnside Fixed Cellular Terminals

Leo Brown

"The call quality of the T355 is really impressive - I'm actually finding it hard to believe it's GSM!"

David Jones-Vaughan's Taxis

"What a marvellous piece of kit. I am really pleased with it. The voice is so clear. The caller gets through in no time at all. The Burnside Follow Me is saving me at least £150 a month."

Wayne Morris, Skegness Travel

"I purchased a Follow Me unit and have been over the moon with it for my taxi business."

Business Info Magazine Issue 73 - February 2006

Awarded Editor's Choice for the Burnside Follow Me

South American Network Service Provider

"The evaluation unit has been a great success. The GSM Operator has been testing it for three weeks now and the feedback that we received from them is that they like the product, its behaviour is great, SMS and GPRS connectivity are great and even the look of the unit is great."

Voice and data integration equipment supplier

"I shall be very interested to receive details on your new unit which has some very interesting new features. Thanks once again for the loan of the unit - it worked perfectly."

Crosslink Development International

"I work in western Uzbekistan and we're using it for communications as part of a humanitarian aid organization. It is the office base station and we use it to talk to cell phones in the field. I do like the interface on it."

Canal boat owner

"We are just on the boat now and I'm using the DTM to send you this. Before we came, I got things configured so I can use the internet and e-mail and send faxes, so we'll see how it goes when we hit poorer signal conditions. So far the signal is better and more consistent than with a handset just using your standard aerial...."

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

"You have produced a very nice piece of equipment that we are very happy with."

Leading UK telecoms dealer

"It works so much better than a Premicell"