Burnside Telecom: Fixed Cellular Phones and Terminals



Burnside Technology for Remote Working


Designed for office and small business, combining the simplicity of a landline phone with the flexibility of a mobile phone


Can be used anywhere to make and receive landline and/or GSM mobile calls and SMS text messages.

Calls can be made mobile-to-mobile, like a regular mobile phone


Significantly reduced cost of calls: mobile-to-mobile can be less than half the cost of landline-to-mobile calls.

Automatic hands-free operation


Enables calls to be answered without having to lift or use the handset. If a call is received from one of five programmable numbers, the telephone answers automatically and the conversation can begin immediately, without having to touch the phone or be close to it.

Automatic call forwarding to mobile phones


Provides a link from an incoming landline number to any mobile phone being used outside the office - ideal for occasions when the office is unmanned.

Clear backlit display shows status, operations and SMS messages


Visual feedback with large characters makes the phone easy to use, configure and troubleshoot.

Sensitive and safe external antenna


Signal can be received in remote or 'mobile-hostile' locations, and because it is at some distance from the ear, provides much lower risk of radiation issues.

Integrated wireless modem for internet connection


Easy access to e-mail and other internet facilities.

Constant power supply with battery back-up


The phone is always available. In the event of a mains power failure, the internal back-up battery provides power for several days.


Headset and inline microphone options


Convenient use for computer users, and the ability to record conversations.

Wall-mount bracket to prevent movement or theft


The unit can be kept secure in one central location.