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Large, clear display

The large, clear backlit display of the phone makes it extremely easy to set up and use under all conditions. Telephone and call status can be read easily, and various indicators show the strength of signal, battery power level, etc. This feature is a real aid to any user who needs a visual feedback of the unit's operation.

Speed-dial memory

Five special speed-dial numbers can be programmed into the Burnside phone's memory. These allow you to make calls with a single button - there's no need to lift the handset first. These numbers are also recognised by the unit as special call-in numbers, allowing additional features such as Auto Answer and Auto Handsfree to be used when receiving calls.

Hands-free feature

Hands-free operation is an important feature of the Burnside phones. It enables calls to be answered without having to lift or use the handset. Uniquely, the unit's Auto Handsfree option can be used for any of the speed-dial numbers: if you receive a call from one of these numbers, the telephone answers automatically and you can hear the caller and talk immediately, without having to move.

Aerial and connections

Because it is a mobile phone as well as a regular telephone, a Burnside GSM Phone allows you to call mobile-to-mobile (which is much cheaper than from landline to mobile), and to send and receive SMS text messages at normal network rates. The unit's external aerial provides excellent signal reception, even in situations where a handheld mobile would have difficulty in doing so.

In addition to these dedicated features, Burnside phones offer the normal telephone features of call holding, call transfer, call waiting, caller ID, re-dial. These are all operated from the keypad, which features large, well-spaced keys for easy operation.